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A Wild Animal is Lurking in the… Golf Bag?

June 21, 2011

We couldn’t possibly have another bat, could we?  (Bat Story 1 and Bat Story 2)  My latest wildlife story takes place out of the house–THANKFULLY–and in the garage.  How many of you leave your garage doors open from time to time?  We do, ALOT!  However, that may be changing…  One evening my husband comes in and asks me to come out to the garage, and I think–UH-OH–What wildlife problem do we have now?  We go to the garage and there is clearly some kind of animal… making some very upset animal sounds.  But where is it coming from?  We have a general direction but can’t pinpoint exactly where.  At this point, we think it’s a squirrel (a very angry squirrel) and we’re having visions of it jumping out of the rafters and attacking us.  I don’t know if any of you have ever seen an angry squirrel–but it is not cute or cuddly in any way!

As we continue listening to the sounds, we realize they seem to be coming from inside the golf bag.  Obviously, not playing enough.  So, we gently poke the golf bag to be sure and the sounds get even angrier.  OK, definitely coming from inside the golf bag.  Now what?  If we pick it up, whatever is in there might come crawling out and attack our head so how do we get the bag outside and get the animal out?  We try extending several pieces of wood through the strap but all that does is make the bag lopsided and hard to control.  Finally, we go for broke.  My husband grabs the bag and lays it on the ground outside.  We wait.  Nothing crawls out.  So we gently shake the bottom of the bag and the clubs start to fall out.  We back up and we wait.  Still nothing.  We shake it again until nothing is left in the bag except whatever animal we are seeking.  We back up and we wait.  Finally this little tiny face appears in one of the squares of the golf bag “grid.”  The grid section keeps your clubs separated but actually looks like prison bars for this little ….what is it?  We can’t be sure…the face is so tiny…but there it is–a little MASK around the eyes.  It’s a baby RACOON!  What the heck?   Better question, where is the Mama Racoon?  We suddenly start looking into the trees above us expecting her to attack as her baby is not very happy and we are the nearest targets.  But how did this raccoon end up in the golf bag and now what do we do with it?  Of course, it’s another rabies carrier, but good news–We’ve all had our shots!!  The baby is probably not more than 4 in long and can barely stand up either from exhaustion or just being so young.  Well, we call animal control (who is now on speed dial) and they say leave it there.  The Mom will “scent” the baby and come find it.  And that’s what we did.  The racoon was gone the next morning and we haven’t seen them again.  Animal control said there’s no way it could have gotten in the bag on it’s own; it either fell while the mother was carrying it or they were living in our garage somewhere.  We haven’t seen them again (yet) and we’ve left the radio on to discourage them from being there– but for now, we are just keeping our fingers crossed that we are done with wildlife for awhile!


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