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When the Bat Comes Back!

June 15, 2011

For all of you who missed the first part of this story, here it is, .   So, our bat is gone and things have returned to normal.  Wrong!  For the next several nights, my husband sleeps in my daughter’s room while she sleeps with me, as we are trying to help her get past the trauma of this bat.  We have been trying to convince her it was just a fluke and it must have flown in while we had the front door open late at night,  but we were truly baffled as to how it got in.  2 nights later, my husband wakes me up around midnight–UH-OH I think, couldn’t be, could it?  Oh, but it was!  He heard a sound in the children’s bathroom and went to investigate and there it was, another bat flying around in the bathroom.  He shuts the door and comes to get me.  So, we know what to do, we’re experts now!   We call Animal Control and they come out within 30 minutes–come in with their nets and capture the bat in a matter of seconds.  The new wrinkle in this story is they don’t need to test it.  They said we were already being treated, so there was no need to kill the bat and test for rabies.  OK, I get it–but WOW, couldn’t we have done this the first time and not had to get all the shots?  So, we start discussing with Animal Control how these bats might be getting in.  We finally figure out that the bat was prying up the flap on the bathroom exhaust vent, crawling through the vent and squeezing into the house through the bathroom exhaust fan.  So, the next day–we screened up every possible opening, vent, pipe, you name it–that would allow entrance into our home!  So far, so good!  It took months to get my daughter back into her own room on a consistent basis and we all hope we NEVER have to see another bat again!  It’s been funny though, to hear stories from other people.  We had one person tell us they had a bat in the house for 3 days and couldn’t find it.  They would hear the swooshing of the wings, chase it around but it would disappear before animal control could catch it.  The worst part is it left bat guano all over the house!  Another person said they thought the swooshing they kept hearing was a bird until they found their bat hanging from a ceiling light when they walked downstairs in the morning.  CRAZY!  Take the poll and see how many people have had a similar experience!  Also, please  feel free to share your bat story in the comments section! “Like” my facebook page to hear more!  At Home in Fairfax VA



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